10 Reasons Why Your Edges are Scanty and How to Correct it

Linda Hanson (Hair APT)
3 min readFeb 25, 2022


Using myself as an example, I’ve had my fair share of bad edges (Check the picture below, it’s dated Jan 2019). So whatever I share here is something I have implemented myself.

Image from Linda Hanson

It is usually quite a concern when your edges are bad. The average person wants full beautiful edges which I wanted as well.

To solve the problem with your edges, you need to know what caused the loss. First I'll address the external causes that you have control over then I'll address that which you have no control over.

Causes You Have Control Over (external factors)
1.Tight hairstyles: Protective styles are not supposed to be painful.

Pain is an indication that there is a problem.

Pain is not normal. Pain while the actual making of the hair and pain while styling the hair you plaited. It is not normal.

Your edges are fragile. Tight styles damage your follicles. Damaged follicles cannot produce new hair growth.

And your beloved growth oils cannot restore your damaged follicles.

2. Lack of Deep conditioning: Deep conditioning is important for your hair. It’s even more important for your edges.

Not deep conditioning your edges means breakage and bad edges

3. Lack of moisturizing: Lack of moisturizing equals dry edges.

Dry edges equals breakage. Dry hair breaks.

Breakage around your edges equals scanty edges

Your edges could be bad because you neglect them while moisturizing your hair.

4. Hand in hair syndrome: HIHS is when you touch your hair a lot.

Unconsciously, you may begin to pull and tug on your edges.

One by one, the strands will fall. Soon enough, you'll be left with bald edges.

5. Frequent use of Gels and edge control: Gels generally contain drying alcohols which is not good for your hair long term, especially if your hair texture is fine.

Gels dry the hair and ultimately lead to breakage. I mean, dry hair breaks.

6. Wearing a lot of puffs and buns: The tension placed on your edges while pulling it into a puff will lead it to shed fast or even break.

Funny enough some people even wear it to sleep. Funke change🌚

7. Using brushes for your edges: Examine your brush you use for your edges. Where do you think all those strands came from, especially if it doesn’t have a white bulb on it. Your brushes are causing your edges to become scanty.

8. Wearing Heavy extensions: I like to talk about this a lot because it is so relatable. I lost my edges to this in 2019. Imagine a nylon bag (small size) containing just agege bread. Then add 500g sugar, 50 tins of peak milk. The nylon will definitely burst open from overloading.

This is what happens when you install heavy styles. Your edges will break because you overloaded it with too much extension.

9. Frequent wearing of wigs: The friction between your wigs and your edges during the day is eating your edges

10. Wrong use of bonnets: Even though your bonnet is satin or silk, it can destroy your edges.

When you place your bonnet on your edges, the friction between your edges and your bonnet band is gradually eating up your edges.

Bonnets with exposed bands are also eating up your edges. Since the bands are not covered in satin or silk, they will break your hair.

No Control (internal factors)
1. Hair density
2. Hair texture
3. Shape of your hairline
4. Postpartum shedding
5. Health issues- Ill health
6. Medical condition- Alopecia Areata

How to Regrow Your Edges

Don’t be too quick to jump on products as a solution to your hair problems without knowing the cause.

The solution lies with your hair care practices and techniques.🌚

The solutions you will get are for the external factors and not internal factors that caused the hair loss.

For health and diet conditions causing hair loss, you will need to see an actual doctor (trichologist).

Click on the link below to get help for your edges.



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