Hang in There

Linda Hanson (Hair APT)
3 min readApr 6, 2022


I have been thinking. How am I to introduce Linda Hanson to you? How am I to introduce what she does? How do I get your attention?

These introductions are hard and I’m sure you can relate. Okay, let’s try. I’m Linda Hanson, a law student, 21 years old, female…

Scratch that. I am Linda Hanson and I love hair care. I love it enough to use my hair for experiments to find solutions to hair care problems.

Why I love hair care?

I started looking into hair care because I faced these problems myself. I had an itchy scalp, bad edges, and experienced hair breakage.

If you are hungry enough for the solution to your problem you’ll find the answer.

I was hungry for the solution to my hair problems and I found answers on a Facebook group. (Natural Hair Babes)

It was overwhelming. I remember buying cardboard to write out my regimen. There was a lot of information and it was confusing.

I started with DIYs. There is almost no DIY treatment I haven’t done and I can give you a personal review of each of them. My friend agukwe lyndachinenye use to tease me about my okro gel adventure😂

Anyway, DIYs didn’t work and I had to research further. This led to my numerous hair experiments. One of them was coloring my roots to prove that hair grows from the scalp and not from the end. (It is documented on IG. Here is the link)

Why I started writing

During my journey, I met people who had the same issues I had. This sparked another interest in me, to give help as I had received help. to give back to the natural hair community.

The first problem I noticed was that it was hard to find affordable hair care products and tools. To solve this, I started selling hair care products in 2018.

The second problem was that everyone wanted a magic product that would solve all their hair issues.

I didn’t just want to sell hair care products. I wanted people to actually know how these things work. I want more people to know that achieving the hair of their dreams goes beyond hair products.

You need knowledge first. If you know how to take care of your hair, you can cut your hair like I did and still get it to the length you desire over time.

So, to solve the second problem, I started teaching hair care through writing in Jan 2019.

My Experience

Teaching through writing is different from just sharing my hair journey. It’s taking responsibility for people’s hair journeys. That’s scary.

I got a lot of following over time (2019 — 2022) and I still have to struggle with imposter syndrome sometimes.

Honestly, my job as a hair care educator is stressful because the internet is filled with a lot of distractions and people don’t listen. Then you have to say everything all over again.

But then, it’s something I love doing. It’s something I would do even if I wasn’t earning from it.

Through writing, I have helped several men and women like you to overcome their hair challenges and get on their way to waist length or whichever length they desire.

I have also grown over the years and I’ve gained enough experience to call myself an expert in hair care.

Most importantly I have experienced and can relate to your issues. I have also found solutions to the hair issues I mentioned earlier. And it will be a great disservice to keep these solutions to myself.

For the next 29 days, I will break down hair care to your understanding. I do not want to overwhelm you as I was when I started in 2017.

If you are about to give up on your hair, hang in there for the next 29 days. I hope I’m able to convince you to give it a second try.

Extra Bonus

Apart from learning about hair care when I post here, you can connect with me on WhatsApp using the link below. I share daily hair care content on my WhatsApp status.

You can ask all the questions you have concerning hair care in my DM.

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Linda Hanson (Hair APT)

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