How to get longer hair using protective styles (PS)

Part 1

Linda Hanson

What a protective is

Why protective styling works for length retention?

The “how”- Guidelines for choosing a protective style

Why and how?

  • Before installing any style.
  • After installing the style.

Things to note before installing any style

  1. Not tight: A protective style should not be painful. Pain defeats the purpose of a protective style.

Things to note after installing the style

Key points to note

  • Any style that helps you retain length and your hair doesn’t break in it, is a protective style. It can be braids, locs, twists, cornrows, threading etc
  • Of course, they do not make your hair grow. They only help with length retention.
  • Protective styles are not painful.
  • If you are stuck at a hair length for months, take a break from doing your hair every 2–3 days, get a protective style.



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