How to Loosen a Protective Style without Breaking your Hair


What you need to loosen a hairstyle

  1. Lots of patience: Be patient while loosening your hairstyle. Do not take down your hairstyles if you are tired or in a hurry.
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I want to get this

They dig in their comb like a shovel and pull it upwards. Naaah, don’t do that.

Start detangling from the ends. Free up the tangles gradually until you reach your roots.

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I want to get this
  • your fingers,
  • a wide tooth comb or
  • a tangle teezer to comb.
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I want to get this
  • If you use a fine toothed rat tail comb to comb your hair, your hair will break.
  • For an afro comb it is a picking comb not a detangling tool. Hence if you use on hair that is more than 6 months old, that hair will break. What matters here is the length and volume of the hair.
  • You can use a wide tooth tail comb to detangle if you are combing a very small section (e.g a single braid).

How I Loosen my Braids

Now, we are going to apply all the things listed above to take down my braids.

Linda Hanson
  1. Work in Sections
  2. Use a lot of water and lots of conditioners
  3. Use your fingers to loosen the style then finger detangle lightly.
  4. Use the right detangling tool.
  5. Comb from ends to the roots.
  6. Twist up or braid up each section you are done with.



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