How to take care of your hair in a protective style

  1. How long you are carrying the style.
  2. Are you using extensions are not?
  3. What hair issue are you having?
  1. Spray water on your scalp and the full length of your hair in the protective style.
  2. Then oil your scalp and hair.
  3. Massage after moisturizing.
  4. You can do this daily or every other day (i.e 2–3 days a week) or once a week.
  5. Use a bonnet or a satin/silk pillowcase to sleep at night. You can also use a satin/silk scarf .
  1. I do not spray water on my scalp daily because I have an itchy scalp and I am not ready to wash weekly.
  2. Since I also have low porosity hair, Moisturizing daily means I will get product buildup faster and my scalp will itch.
  3. I only moisturize properly on wash days. I don’t moisturize again till the next wash day.
  4. I only oil my scalp on wash days. I don’t oil again till the next wash day because my scalp itches and flakes when I use oils regularly on my scalp.
  5. I massage my scalp in between the days.
  6. I use satin bonnets to protect my hair. On most days, I tie my satin material on my pillow. This option was a DIY I came up with since I couldn’t get a silk pillowcase yet.
  7. My protective styles do not exceed 6 weeks. Currently, that’s the range my scalp can go without itching.
  8. However, if I will exceed 6 weeks (exams period) the highest I go, is 8 weeks. For a 8 weeks protective style, I remoisturize only once.
  9. I spray a liquid leave-in on the full length of my hair in the braids. Do my scalp massages and continue with the other things I stated in this section.
  1. Apply the shampoo to the scalp. Use your hands or scalp massager to massage dirt off your scalp. Proceed to rinse off using enough water.
  2. Splatter your deep conditioner on your braids or twists. Sit for 30mins then rinse off. (This step is optional depending on how long you intend to carry the style after the wash).
  3. Moisturize the full length of your natural hair in the style. Using either the loc or lco method. If your scalp doesn’t itch when you apply oil, then oil your scalp.
  1. If you don’t like getting wet you can use baby wipes with an Anti-itch scalp spray to clean your scalp.
  2. When you are done, spray water and massage your scalp.
  3. Both methods will only provide temporary relief as you cannot effectively clean the parts that are braided. This relief usually lasts for a week.



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