Why I understand your Itchy Scalp

Linda Hanson (Hair APT)
4 min readApr 7, 2022


In my last post, I said I could relate to your hair issues. But how could I possibly know how frustrated your hair makes you?

I mean it is only he who wears the shoes that knows where it pinches.

Today I’ll show you where my shoe has pinched for years now.

It is something I couldn’t avoid even if I wanted to.

My Itchy Scalp

13th July 2016 was the first time I made a protective hairstyle (that was not a protective style) in my entire life.

Throughout that style, my scalp felt like it was on fire. The itching got worse whenever I was out in the sun. (I sweat a lot on my scalp)

I was tired of enduring so I loosened it as soon as I got home on 19th July 2016.

It felt nice pouring cold water on my scalp after a 6 days break. Since my hair was still short I thought it was okay to use soap to wash it. (what a clown I was🤡)

-Myths I was told

My mum told me the itching was normal. That I’ll get used to it. She told me she had the same issue and that relaxers killed dandruff.

I believed her and hoped to get used to it.😂

Of course, I never I got used to it. And the texturizer I used in Oct 2016, did not solve the itching.

-Different sulfate shampoos

I got Vinoz anti-dandruff shampoo and was managing my condition. I switched between a lot of shampoos and washed almost every week or biweekly.

Soon enough I discovered that sulfates were bad for the hair and could cause scalp irritation. (itching)

So I discontinued the use of sulfate shampoo and started using black soap. I thought this was better but noo I was mistaken. The relief was not permanent.

The improvements or reliefs I felt were always only temporary. So I can understand when you say you have tried a lot of things for your itchy scalp.

-DIYs for itchy scalp

The next thing I did was to use the smelly onion juice on my scalp. At first, it appeared to be working but then the itch came back harder. In 2017 I was washing my hair almost every week.

My sister, Nina, always made sure I slept in the opposite direction whenever I did these treatments.😂

I even used baking soda as well. This worked so well that I was tempted to replace it with my shampoo.

However, I found out I was doing more harm to my hair by using baking soda. It cleansed so well that my scalp started to flake from a dry scalp. This meant that itching came back as well.

The baking soda disrupted the pH level of my hair and that aggravated my scalp condition.

-Shea butter on my hair and scalp

In 2017, I also found out my hair disliked shea butter. My scalp itches whenever I use it.

Photo by Ellie Enchantée on Unsplash

I figured putting it on my scalp caused it to itch. But that didn’t cut it. My scalp itched even when I used it on my hair only.

Somehow the butter always found its way down to my scalp.

Shampoos and Herbs

In 2018, I found a brand I loved. It made things better. I started using their shampoo in 2019. However, they discontinued production in July and I was back to square one.

Thereafter I discovered bentonite clay and other types of ayurvedic herbs (fenugreek, hibiscus and neem) that helped with itchy scalp.

Photo by David Gabrielyan on Unsplash

I continued experimenting with other shampoos until I found shanyi shampoo in 2020. It’s a shampoo made with an ayurvedic herb called “reetha”, aka soap nuts.

This shampoo + my favourite ayurvedic herb scalp mask kept my itchy scalp away. More emphasis on the mask because since Jan 2022, I have been experimenting with just the shampoo without the mask.

I started this particular experiment because nothing ever seems to work for my scalp even though it works for other persons. I needed to find out if i have finally found a shampoo that works without the herbs.

I hope i didn’t bore you to death. Through these paragraphs, I hope you can see how much I can relate to your scalp condition. Don’t get me started on my bad edges journey or my journey on trying to get past a certain hair length.

Yes! This hair guru has been stuck at a length for months. Almost years.

But I have overcome these challenges. That’s why I’m here. To show you how I did it and how I’ve helped people like you do it.

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Linda Hanson (Hair APT)

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