Hair Regimen & Why?

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You have fallen in love with long hair. But you have also refused to lay proper foundations to get the hair you love.

You have spent money on every hair product available and showered your hair with every “concoction”.

You refused to learn your hair’s love language. And now, your hair is breaking terribly!

Your relationship can be salvaged. I mean, why am I here? You can start all over with your Precious hair. Start with drafting a regimen.

What is a Regimen?

A hair regimen refers to the things you do to keep your hair healthy, soft, not breaking and longer. It is a guide to your hair's love language.

Why do you need a regimen?

You need a regimen because the nutrients sent to the scalp are only for producing new hair.

Nutrients do not get to your strands because the blood does not flow on your strands. So there is no protein or any other nutrient sent to your hair.

Your hair is technically an orphan baby once it grows out of your scalp. And a baby not taken care of dies.

Hair grows regardless of what you do. The issue now is the retention of length that has grown out already.

To get a better understanding, please click to read about the difference between hair growth and length retention.

Regimen for Natural Hair

For natural hair, a regimen is divided into 2

  1. Wash Day routine
  2. After Wash Day routine
  • Wash Day Routine: It simply refers to how you wash your hair on your wash day. A wash day is a day you set aside for washing your hair.

Your routine on your wash day is the foundation to achieving your hair goal. You’ll see why in coming days.

A proper wash day routine consists of the following:

  1. Detangle and pre-poo
  2. Shampoo
  3. Deep condition
  4. Moisturize properly.
  • After Wash Day: This involves how you will take care of your hair during the day and at night till your next wash day. It involves
  1. Getting a Low manipulative style
  2. Moisturizing and doing scalp massages
  3. Sleeping on a satin/silk bonnet, pillowcase, or scarf.

Regimen for Relaxed Hair

For relaxed hair, a regimen is divided into 3:

  1. Wash day routine.
  2. After wash day routine and Pre relaxer day.
  3. Relaxer day routine and after relaxer day.

A. Wash Day: It is properly explained above.

B. After Wash Day and pre-relaxer Routine: After wash day is how you take care of your hair after washing it, up till your next wash day. It involves

  1. Getting a Low manipulative style
  2. Moisturizing and doing scalp massages
  3. Sleeping on a satin/silk bonnet, pillowcase, or scarf.

Pre-relaxer day is how you prep your hair on your last wash day before relaxer day to withstand the damage the relaxer does to your hair. If you alternate between moisturizing and protein products, you'll need to go in with more protein during this time.

C. Relaxer Day and after relaxer day: This is the koko. Your relaxer day is when you actually relax your hair. It is divided into the following steps

  1. Prep your scalp and relaxed strands.
  2. Relaxer application
  3. Neutralize and shampoo
  4. Deep condition (protein treatment and a moisturizing treatment)
  5. Air dry and moisturize properly
  6. Trim
  7. Install a Low manipulative style without extension.

After relaxer day, there are still certain things you should do if you want to repair your relationship with Precious.😏😏😏

Oya breathe, don’t get overwhelmed. I will explain these steps one after the other in future posts for this week. Don’t worry. I got ya.

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