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Linda Hanson (Hair APT)
3 min readJan 20, 2022


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You've probably bought a product some months back that promised you longer and fast hair growth.

And now you are disappointed. Your hair is not growing as fast as you want it to grow. Why?


Hair products cannot make your hair grow faster.

How fast your hair grows (growth rate) is genetically determined.

So what about growth oil, I thought people's hair grows faster when they use a growth oil?

What growth oils do is simply supply your follicles with the nutrients your body would have sent it.

The follicles will then use those nutrients to produce hair according to your genetically determined growth rate.

What is hair growth rate?

Growth rate refers to how fast/slow your hair grows. It is genetically determined. It takes 1 month to grow 0.5 inch or even less, like myself (0.3 -0.4 month in a month).

So let's say you have a faster growth rate (1inch a month), and you are using the same growth oil as myself. (My growth rate is 0.4inch a month).

Your hair will grow faster compared to my hair because you have a faster growth rate.

If growth oils could make your hair grow faster, a lot of people including yourself will not be complaining about short hair. You would have your hair sweepingly long.

How to measure your growth rate

I did mine by coloring my roots. You should only do this, if you are sure, you want to start your hair journey all over again. I call it "transitioning in natural hair". Let’s see how to:

  1. Color the roots only.
  2. Allow it to grow for 1-3 months. The new growth will be black or whatever your natural hair color is.
  3. To determine the growth rate, measure the new growth with a tape.
  4. Then divide the measured length by the months it has grown.
  5. Then you can cut off the colored parts whenever you are ready, leaving healthy new growth.

Of course you must have been taking care of your hair during this time to have healthy new growth.

Let me burst your bubbles further. Your shampoos, creams and deep conditioners do not grow your hair as well.

Hair Growth happens inside your scalp and your conditioners and creams cannot reach there. The function of these products is to help you retain length and not actually cause hair growth.

Please stop falling for those marketing gimmicks

In the next blog post, you’ll learn "The Secret to Getting Longer Hair: Hair Growth vs Length Retention".

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