5 Easy Steps on How to Comb without Experiencing Pain

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One of the many things we hated during our childhood was combing our hair.

It's either the comb won and you were in serious pain or the hair won and the comb broke. Either ways, your scalp will ache from all the dragging.


It's the reason why a lot of us got relaxers. The pain was too much.

It’s also the reason why a lot of people indulge in the bad practice of relaxing every month.

All because they don’t want to deal with the pain that comes with combing the natural hair.

New hairstyle
Whenever, It’s time to make a new hairstyle you have mentally prepared yourself for pain. All in the name of "beauty is pain".

The stylist is either fighting with your hair and telling you sorry or asking you to relax the hair.

"It's virgin hair that's why".

I'm sure you've heard this phrase a lot of times.

Do our relaxed hair/straight hair sisters have it better? I don’t think so. Check the picture above. They also hear stuffs like,

"Your hair is too stubborn".

Are these statements really true?

Must you go through pain to look beautiful?

Are you experiencing pain because your hair is natural?

These are the questions I asked myself while starting out my hair journey in 2017.

Soon I discovered that I didn't have to go through pain to look beautiful.

In fact, pain is an indication that something is wrong.

The secret to combing your hair (relaxed or natural) without pain has been out in the open for so long, yet these stylist and yourself have continued in ignorance.

Today, you'll find out this secret and break free from ignorance. You will no longer sit down and endure pain from combing.

First, we'll look at why combing your hair is painful.

Why combing is painful for you

  1. Fine tooth comb: Combing your hair is painful because you are using the wrong tool. How do expect your kinky hair (relaxed or natural) to pass through these without pain? Check the picture below
Photo by Frank OToole on Unsplash

2. You do not use water or leave in conditioners before combing. Water is what makes your hair soft. Now you may ask:

Is it really necessary to use water and a leave-in conditioner? My hair shrinks afterwards and I don't like it.

Yes, it is necessary to use water and a leave in conditioner before attempting to comb your hair.

Dry hair breaks.

So if you go in without these, your hair will break and you will experience pain.

If you don't like the shrinkage then twist it immediately, you are done combing that section.

Here are more ways to win against shrinkage after combing your hair.

3. You start combing from the roots and rip through your tangles:This is a recipe for intense headache.

Even persons with straight hair do not start combing from the roots.

You are meant to start from the ends. Free up the tangles and gradually work your way to the roots.

If you get stuck, comb underneath the tangle. Do not rip through the tangles.

4. You don’t trim your knots: There are knots that don’t come off with just detangling.

You need to cut off these knots.

If you don’t, combing will forever be painful for you.

Because you are forcing your comb to break your ends and that pulls your hair from the scalp in a painful way.

5. You don’t comb in sections: Even if you do all of the above correctly, but you don’t comb in sections, you’ll still experience pain.

You can’t take on everything at once. Divide it into sections. Then comb section by section.

The right way to comb without pain

Let's apply all of the above to your hair. You can watch short clips of everything below here .

1. First, divide your hair into sections. Twist or use sectioning clips to hold these sections.

2. Pick a section. Use one hand to stretch it from the ends, then use the other to spray water on it using your spray bottle.

3. Add your leave-in and oil and work it into your hair(not your scalp. If you put them on your scalp, it will itch). Then finger detangle starting from your ends.

4. At this point, you can now, use your wide-tooth comb to comb from the ends to the roots. (still using one hand to stretch the hair and the other on the comb).

If you get stuck, comb underneath the tangle. Do not rip through the tangles. If you see knots that won't come off, then use your hair shears to cut them off.

5. Once you are done with that section, twist up. Then repeat for all the other sections.

Tools and Products you need to comb without pain

  1. Wide tooth comb and/or tangle teezer
  2. Spray bottle
  3. Leave in conditioner
  4. Oil (optional)
  5. Shears
  6. Sectioning clips (optional if you can twist)
  7. Wide tooth tail comb (continue reading, you’ll find out why below)
A wide tooth comb and a leave in conditioner.

If you want to get tools and products you need to comb your hair without pain, send a message using to the link below.

More Goodnews

Water is what makes the hair soft. However, your hair becomes hard after the water dries off because the water was not sealed in.

If you follow the steps for combing properly, you'll not only stop experiencing pain but you'll stop experiencing hard hair.

Also, if you comb your hair the right way, you will retain length(longer hair). This will happen because one of the reasons why your hair should break has been eliminated.

What you should do on your next salon visit:

  • Next time you go to make a hairstyle, educate your stylist on how to comb.
  • To make things easier, detangle your hair before going to the salon.
  • If your hair is already detangled, your stylist does not need to comb again. However, if there is a need to smooth out those smaller sections, use a wide tooth tail comb.
You can get yours using this link

You won’t experience pain at all as far as she combs in the right way. Make sure to go there with your own wide tooth tail comb. I don’t want to hear you contacted lice.

Assuming you have not installed a protective style, is it okay to comb everyday?

No, it's not okay to comb everyday. That's too much manipulation and will make your hair break.

Put your hair into temporary styles like twists, braids, buns, etc.

However when it’s time to comb your hair, now you know better and will stop being afraid of combs.

I look forward to your feedback.

If you want to get the tools and products you need to comb your hair without pain,send a message using to the link below.

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