5 Easy Steps on How to Comb without Experiencing Pain


"It's virgin hair that's why".

I'm sure you've heard this phrase a lot of times.

"Your hair is too stubborn".

Are these statements really true?

In fact, pain is an indication that something is wrong.

The secret to combing your hair (relaxed or natural) without pain has been out in the open for so long, yet these stylist and yourself have continued in ignorance.

Why combing is painful for you

  1. Fine tooth comb: Combing your hair is painful because you are using the wrong tool. How do expect your kinky hair (relaxed or natural) to pass through these without pain? Check the picture below
Photo by Frank OToole on Unsplash

The right way to comb without pain

Let's apply all of the above to your hair. You can watch short clips of everything below here .

Tools and Products you need to comb without pain

  1. Wide tooth comb and/or tangle teezer
  2. Spray bottle
  3. Leave in conditioner
  4. Oil (optional)
  5. Shears
  6. Sectioning clips (optional if you can twist)
  7. Wide tooth tail comb (continue reading, you’ll find out why below)
A wide tooth comb and a leave in conditioner.

More Goodnews

Water is what makes the hair soft. However, your hair becomes hard after the water dries off because the water was not sealed in.

  • Next time you go to make a hairstyle, educate your stylist on how to comb.
  • To make things easier, detangle your hair before going to the salon.
  • If your hair is already detangled, your stylist does not need to comb again. However, if there is a need to smooth out those smaller sections, use a wide tooth tail comb.
You can get yours using this link

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