The Secret to Getting Longer Hair

Part 2. (Hair Growth vs Length Retention)

Linda Hanson (Hair APT)
3 min readJan 30, 2022
Linda Hanson

“Your hair is always growing, it’s just breaking. You are not retaining length.”

It’s almost like everyone is just slamming that in your face while you are living with the reality of short hair that refuses to get longer.

To help you, let’s find out what Hair Growth and Length retention means.

Hair growth

Hair growth is the actual production of hair from your scalp. It happens at the scalp.

Your hair grows when nutrients are being supplied through blood to the hair follicles in your scalp.

The hair follicles then use these nutrients to manufacture new hair daily.

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So as long as you are alive, eating healthy and you do not have any underlying medical condition, your hair is constantly growing. You don’t have to use any product for your hair to grow.

If you have your hair cut down to skin level now, you’ll definitely see hair in the next 1 month. And you don’t even have to do anything.

Stunted means prevented from growing. From the above deductions, you cannot say your hair is stunted because it is actually growing.

Now, if your hair is always growing, why is it short?

The answer is that your hair is breaking. The hair is breaking as it is growing.

All that hair on your combs and bathroom floors, would have added to your current hair length, if they didn’t break off.

Of course I am not referring to shed hair at this point. Shedding is not breakage.

So basically if you want to get longer hair, stop breakage. And that’s where length retention comes in.

Length retention

Length retention involves having a regimen which prevents the hair that has grown out from your scalp, from breaking.

It is concerned with the middle down to the ends of your hair. This is where your hair products come in.

This is the part about growing long hair that you see all over the internet.

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You are probably wondering, what about the nutrients sent to the scalp? Can’t they prevent breakage?

The nutrients sent to the scalp are only for producing new hair. They do not get to your strands because blood does not flow on your strands.

So there is no protein or any other nutrient sent to your hair. Your hair is technically an orphan baby once it grows out of your scalp.

And what happens when a baby is starved for a long time? The baby will die. Same thing with your hair. If you don’t feed it and take care of it, it will break.

You need Hair Products + healthy hair care practices to get longer hair (retain length).

Please note that products do not actually cause your hair to grow, they only help you retain length.

Click here to read more on that.

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You’ll get a personalized hair regimen (a routine to follow), the do’s and don’t’s to retain length this 2022. Click on the link below.

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