The war against shrinkage; how to win it.

The Backdoor to escaping

The only backdoor I know to escaping shrinkage is permanently straightening your curls with relaxers.

Way out of Shrinkage: Stretching

I manage my shrinkage by stretching using short term or long term styles.

  1. Twists: You can either do mini two strand twists, loose twists, jumbo twists,etc.
  1. Always work in sections
  2. Determine the size of twists you want to make. Then divide further to that size.
  3. Divide the sections into two. Then twirl against each other.
  4. Repeat same for all the other sections.
  1. Divide your freshly washed hair into small sections. (The less bulky sections will dry faster) Your hair should be damp.
  2. Pick a section. Apply your leave in and oil. Massage into the hair
  3. Get your ponytail band and wrap twice around the base of your section.
  4. Move your fingers down about an inch and stretch the band and continue wrapping until you reach the end of that section
  5. Remove the excess cream you can see on that section. Then repeat same for all the other sections.
  • Wash in sections and keep those sections twisted or braided.
  • Use a hair shears to trim before washing. Then look out for a reduction in knots and tangled.
  • Then use any of these stretching methods and watch shrinkage disappear.
  • For better results, stretch on freshly washed and moisturized hair.



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