How to Detangle to get Longer Hair

Linda Hanson (Hair APT)
5 min readFeb 15, 2022
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Imagine that Itoro had a white follow come Samsung earpiece. It was working perfectly. Then it stopped working. It was barely a week old.

She already named it Kurt. She loves phone accessories and really dislikes parting with her earpiece.

Unfortunately, it happens so often that she doesn't care so much anymore. Now she just wants an earpiece that will last longer, not tangle and produce good sound.

She has gotten a new earpiece just like last time. She folds the earpiece and places it in her pocket. Damn! It's tangled "again". She hates detangling her earpiece. She is always impatient to untangle it.

This brand new beautiful green Oraimo earpiece has cut again. "Again" because that's how we lost Kurt.

Just like that earpiece, you are impatient when loosening your hair. You are impatient when detangling/combing. As a result, you experience pain while combing your hair.

Your hair also breaks badly after loosening your hairstyle because you comb from the roots first (bad detangling habit).

What are you supposed to do to prevent this breakage? I mean you want this long, relaxed or natural hair, right.

First, you need to know what detangling is. Then you'll find out how to detangle properly to prevent breakage.


Detangling means removing all the shed hair that will most likely cause more knots and tangles.

Having knots and tangles means you will not be able to have the long hair you desire.

Shed hair and accumulated dirt is why you need to detangle.

When to detangle?

Now, you are not meant to just rush in to shampoo after loosening your hair.

It’s best to detangle right after you have taken down your hair style or before you shampoo.

It is really stressful so make sure you are mentally prepared. Don’t be in a hurry. Of course you saw what impatience caused with Itoro’s earpiece. If you are too tired to detangle, don’t do it.

Summary of the benefits of detangling

  1. Detangling properly prevents your hair from breaking.
  2. Detangling before shampooing reduces the chances of your hair getting tangled while washing.
  3. Since your hair is not breaking, you will retain length (aka your hair will get longer)
  4. It makes your wash process much easier. Imagine being able to run your hands through your relaxed hair without obstruction somewhere.


So we have really tangled hair from a hairstyle here.

1. First off, spray water using a spray bottle. Massage it into the hair.

2. Use your hands to divide it into sections.

3. Clip down each section with a sectioning clip.

4. Then pick a section, remove the clips and apply your detangler/leave-in. Especially on the tangles (mostly on the roots)

5. Add more water to activate the detangler. Then massage it into your hair (not scalp). By now, it should foam

6. Finger detangle first. Stretch the loose hair with one hand, then use your hands to remove shed hair. Pull it from the ends.

6. Stretch the loose hair with one hand. Then take your detangling tool with the other hand and comb/brush starting from the ends. Gently free up the tangles till you reach the roots.

If you are using a detangling brush, start vertically before turning the brush horizontally.

7. If you see knots that cannot be detangled then use your shears to cut them. (Mostly at the ends) please do not rip your knots with your comb or hands or even a fabric scissors.

8. Twist-up or clip down. Then repeat for the other sections

Products and Tools you Need for Detangling

  1. Wide tooth comb and/or wide tooth tail comb.

2. Spray bottle

3. Instant conditioner or leave in conditioner

4. Sectioning clips

5. Hair Shears.

You might probably think, why is this particular tool this expensive?

Shears have not substitute. They do what your hands and fabric scissors cannot do- remove knots without causing more split ends and knots.

You will get more knots and split ends if you use fabric scissors or your hands.

I’ve had my share of experience with fabric scissors that’s why I had to get shears to trim my knots

Additionally, you don't have to get another one as far as you take care of this one.

All the products and tools listed here can be gotten in the link below

I want to get products and tools for detangling without pain.

Key Points

  1. Detangling properly before trying to wash.
  2. Be patient with your hair. Take your time to work through your tangles.
  3. Work in sections. Don’t try to comb everything at once.
  4. Use the right tools and products.

If you do these correctly, you are already on the path to getting longer hair.

What’s even better is that you don’t have to experience pain while combing.

Click on the link below to get the tools and products you need for proper detangling without pain.

I want to get products and tools for detangling without pain.



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